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Can I Leave My Cat Alone For 3 Days?

It is the fact that cats also require their proper independence, but it is not the right thing to leave cats alone at home. There is a vast difference between the small nap of cat in the different room and if they are spending three days alone in the house. If you are a regular traveler, then there are some of the facts which one must think for when you are heading out of the door.

Boarding Is Not The Correct Solution

If you are leaving home and boarding the cat in another atmosphere then it is not the right way. It can be even prone to be stressful when the surroundings are not familiar. They are going to miss their family when they don’t get the exact atmosphere to live. In my view, leaving cats at home alone is more appropriate then boarding them.

Cats Have Their Fixed Routine

Cats are habitual of their dependent routine. It is the fact that they should never be left alone without the presence of human for more than 24 hours. It can even prove to be harmful to them. You can also think to hire the professional cat sitter who can adequately take care of your cat. If you have the human, who can take care of when you are not present then what’s better than this. You can guide the professional properly about the eating habits of the cat.

Dirty Litter box Can Even Result In Messy Home

 CatThere is a significant reason why a cat is also known as the finicky. They properly invest their time to keep them fresh and clean. They expect that the litter box should be adequately cleaned. There are some of the wrong assumptions of the cat owner as they keep piles of food and bowl filled with water. But they indeed forget to clean the litter box. If your litter box is all filled up, then they will surely find another place to live, and that can even be your bed.

They Feel Lonely

Cats are very high in their emotions, but it is also the fact they can spend time at home but up to limited time. If you are leaving them alone for three days, then they will surely feel lonely. There are some of the people who think that they should have one more pet when there is no one at home. You can even think of the same, but we highly recommend you to go for the professional cat sitter.


We have mainly mentioned all the facts which a person can go for when leaving the cat at home alone for three days. You should probably try not to leave them alone. But in extreme situation, you should consider all the mentioned facts. In order to keep your cat happy, you must get the professional cat sitter who will adequately take care of the cat and also help them to feed properly.