China Post tracking

China Post tracking

People's Republic of China - 中国邮政

China Post tracking is an important feature that allows you to track the progress of your packages and shipments sent through China Post. Whether you are shipping domestically or internationally, tracking your items provides you with real-time updates. With China Post tracking, you can stay informed about the whereabouts of your parcels throughout the entire delivery process.

China Post package tracking

How to Get China Post Tracking

To get China Post tracking information, you generally have two main options: using the official China Post website or utilizing third-party tracking services like Ship24. Before you start tracking, make sure that you have your China Post tracking number ready.

China Post Tracking on the Website

To track your China Post packages on their website, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official China Post website.
  2. Once there, you'll find a search bar that says "Tracking and Information" where you can enter your China Post tracking number.
    After entering the number, click on the search button to view the status of your package.
China Post tracking on website

It's worth noting that the official website is user-friendly and offers tracking information in Chinese and English.

China Post Tracking on Ship24

If you prefer another option, you can use Ship24, a global package website that can track more than a thousand carriers. To track with Ship24:

  1. Head to the homepage or the search field above.
  2. Enter your China Post tracking number.
  3. Click on the search button.
China Post tracking on Ship24

Both methods are reliable, but Ship24 can be more user-friendly if you're tracking packages from different carriers or prefer updates in a language other than English.

China Post Tracking Number Format

China Post tracking numbers are special numbers that are assigned to each package, which allows you to track your shipment's progress. The tracking number for China Post consists of a 13-digit letter and number. Depending on the shipping service you have chosen, the tracking number usually starts with "R" or "L", "E", "C", "U", or any 2 capital letters. It is then followed by a 9-digit number and ends with China's ISO code, CN.

The China Post tracking number may vary depending on the type of service or type of parcels you are sending. For:

  • Registered Air Mail: the tracking number starts with "R" or "L."
  • Surface Mail or Ordinary Mail: the tracking number starts with "U."
  • Surface Mail or Unregistered Mail: the tracking number consists of an 11-digit number.
  • China Post EMS: the tracking number starts with "E."

China Post Tracking Number Examples

  • AQ123456789CN
  • EE123456789CN
  • RA123456789CN
China Post tracking number format

China Post Tracking for Air Mail Parcels

Tracking air mail shipments with China Post is generally easy and simple. You can use the tracking number provided to you to monitor your parcel's journey, either on China Post's official website or through third-party tracking platforms. The system updates at key points, such as when the parcel leaves the sorting facility, arrives at international airports, and gets delivered.

However, it's worth noting that tracking information might not be as frequent or detailed as with other types of shipments. This is due to the limitations associated with air mail, such as less frequent scanning and updates.

China Post Tracking for Registered Mail

China Post Registered Mail offers a secure way to send packages, providing the sender with a tracking number for monitoring the shipment's journey. The benefits of using registered mail include added security measures such as requiring a signature upon delivery and making it a certified method for sending important documents or valuable items.

To track a China Post registered mail package, you can use the tracking number provided at the time of shipment on China Post's official website or through third-party tracking services. This tracking feature allows you to get real-time updates on the package's location, delivery status, and any delays.

China Post Tracking for Surface Mail

China Post's surface mail tracking allows you to monitor the status of your ground shipments as they make their way to the destination. This service is generally slower than air mail but is often more cost-effective for bulky items.

To track your surface mail package, you can use the China Post website or other third-party tracking platforms. However, it's worth noting that surface mail tracking might not offer real-time updates and can sometimes experience delays due to various factors like customs clearance and local delivery practices.

China Post Tracking for EMS Packages

China Post's EMS (Express Mail Service) offers a faster and more reliable way to send packages both domestically and internationally. To track an EMS package, you can use the China Post EMS tracking number provided at the time of shipment. This number allows you to monitor the package's journey, from the sorting facility to its final destination, through China Post's official website or other tracking platforms.

It's worth noting that the tracking information might not always be real-time and could experience delays, especially during peak seasons or due to customs procedures.

The service is generally efficient, but there are limitations. For instance, the tracking might not cover every step in some countries due to varying levels of postal service integration. Also, there may be weight and size restrictions for EMS packages, and not all types of goods can be shipped.

China Post International Package Tracking

China Post offers a service to track China Post global packages to provide you with all the real-time updates as it moves across borders. The tracking system works by providing a unique tracking number assigned to each package.

However, there are some limitations to be aware of. For instance, tracking information may not be available for certain types of shipments or maybe less detailed when the package is in transit between countries. Furthermore, the accuracy of tracking can vary depending on the cooperation between China Post and the postal services in the destination country.

China Post Amazon Order Tracking

Tracking your Amazon orders through China Post is a simple process that you can do while waiting for your package. After making a purchase on Amazon that's shipped via China Post, you'll receive a tracking number. You can then enter this number on the China Post website to get tracking updates on your package's location and estimated delivery date. Also, some third-party tracking websites also offer this service. It's a convenient way to keep tabs on your order, especially if it's an international shipment.

For a smoother tracking experience, make sure to keep your tracking number handy and check for updates regularly. If you encounter any issues or delays, both Amazon and China Post customer service are available to assist you.

China Post eBay Order Tracking

If you've made a purchase on eBay and the seller has shipped your item via China Post, you can easily track your order. You can usually find the tracking number in the order details on your eBay account.

Once you have the tracking number, you can go to the China Post website or use their mobile app to keep tabs on your package. Some third-party tracking websites also offer the ability to track China Post shipments.

It's a good idea to regularly check the tracking status, as it provides valuable information like the package's current location, any delays, and the estimated delivery date.

China Post Tracking with USPS

China Post and the United States Postal Service (USPS) often collaborate to facilitate international shipping between China and the United States. When a package is sent from China, China Post handles the initial stages of shipping, including collection and local distribution. Once the package arrives in the U.S., USPS takes over for the final delivery.

This collaboration aims to streamline the shipping process, but it's not without limitations. For instance, tracking information may sometimes be less accurate or delayed due to the handoff between the two postal services. Additionally, delivery times can vary based on customs clearance and other logistical factors.

China Post Tracking Status

Upon sending a registered package to China Post, a tracking number is provided with the package. With this China Post tracking number, it can be used to track the package until it reaches your doorstep. When you are tracking your package, several notifications or statuses will be shown throughout each mile of delivery.

Here is a list of other statuses that you may find while tracking your China Post package:

China Post Statuses Description
Package Received China Post has received your package.
Departure from Local Sorting Center The package has been sorted and is now leaving the local centre.
Arrival at Regional Sorting Center The package is being sorted at the regional centre.
Departure from Regional Sorting Center The package has been sorted and is now leaving the regional centre.
Dispatched from Office of Exchange The package is going to the nearest post office.
Handed over to the Carrier The package has been handed to a local courier.
Arrival at Destination The package has arrived in the destination country.
Arrival at Processing Center The package is being processed at a centre.
Item Presented to Customs The package is being examined by customs.
Item Returned from Customs The package has been examined by customs.
Departure from International Sorting Center The package has been sorted and is now leaving the international centre.
Arrival at Delivery Office The package is ready to be delivered.
Scheduled for Delivery The package is going to be delivered soon.
Out for Delivery The package is being delivered.
Delivered You have received the package.

China Post Tracking Notification "in transit' Meaning

When your China Post package is in transit, it means that the item has been shipped from the origin country and is on its way to its destination.

  • Your parcel may have been handed over to the carrier.
  • Your parcel may have been dispatched or left its country of origin.
  • Your parcel may have reached the destination country and is under customs inspection.
  • Your parcel has reached its destination country and is in domestic transit.
  • Your parcel is under another transit period. It can be in another country as a transit point and will be forwarded from there to its final destination country.

China Post Tracking Notification "Delivery Failed" Meaning

If you are tracking your China Post package and it says "Delivery Failed", it means that the courier tried to deliver the package to the recipient but was not successful in doing so. Some reasons could be because the recipient was not there to collect the package or that the sender had placed the wrong address.

If these are the cases, it is best to contact the nearest China Post branch office and ask for the package's status. Most couriers will keep the package for two weeks before sending it back to the sender so it is best to call the nearest courier and ask for the status of the package.

China Post Delivery Time

China Post's delivery time can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the type of China Post shipping service chosen, the destination country, and customs procedures. On average, domestic shipments within China may take around 2 to 7 days. For international shipments, it can range from 1 to 2 weeks for air mail and up to 2 months for surface mail. Factors like holidays, weather conditions, and logistical issues can also impact the delivery time.

It's important to note that these are general estimates and actual delivery times may differ. If you're using a specialized service like registered or express mail, you may receive your package more quickly.

China Post Tracking Customer Service Contact

You can also contact the China Post Tracking Customer Service:

  • Monday to Sunday - 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM GMT+8.
  • Contact Number (Mandarin): +86 11185 or +86 11183 (the best option)
  • Contact Number (English): +86 1011185 or +86 1011183 (not always available)
  • Email: (this option has a low response rate)

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, you will find the most frequently asked questions that are related to China Post tracking.

Why is my China Post tracking not working?

If you find that your China Post tracking is not working, there are several common issues that could be the cause. The tracking number might be incorrect, the package could still be in the initial stages of shipping and not yet entered into the system, or there could be a delay in the tracking information update due to various logistical reasons. It's also possible that the tracking service is temporarily down for maintenance or experiencing technical glitches.

To troubleshoot these issues, first double-check your tracking number for any errors. If the number is correct, try waiting a few hours or even a day to allow the system to update. You can also reach out to China Post customer service for assistance or use alternative tracking platforms to cross-verify the status of your package.

How many people use China Post?

China Post is one of the most popular postal services in mainland China. It is used by retailers, sellers, and merchants and is one of the best transport strategies that allow you to ship internationally. Fortunately, China submits tracking suggests that most orders come within 30 days.

Is China Post tracking real?

China Post tracking is legit and considered safe if the package is registered. To ensure that tracking is available, get a China Post service that has tracking availability as some services do not offer tracking numbers.

Tracking may sometimes be delayed due to the processing or registration of the package, so if this happens, just wait for a few hours before trying to track your China Post tracking numbers.

Where can I find China Post tracking API?

Ship24's China Post package tracking API is a superior tracking system designed to meet the needs of today's businesses. Ship24 offers a range of tracking API packages to suit your business, with rapid integration within minutes. Ship24's tracking API is a one-stop-shop tracking solution delivering end-to-end status and location tracking events as close to real-time as possible.

About China Post

China Post is the official postal service of China, operated by the State Post Bureau of the People's Republic of China, and provides nationwide postal services except in certain special zones, such as Hong Kong. It provides a wide range of mail services, including letters, parcels, and express mail both domestically and internationally. China Post also offers additional services like logistics and freight, banking, and insurance.

China Post succeeded the Chunghwa Post, which had served as the main postal provider of mainland China previously before the China Post was established in 1949.

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