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Welcome on "The Cornish Rex Portal"

Since 2007  ...  For all Cornish Rex Lovers

Let's Discover and Visit Cornish Rex catteries all around the world

We are 325 catteries on The Cornish Rex Portal

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 Updated on 5th of January 2012
  Welcome to Norel
  Cattery from Poland
 59 744 Visitors

 Updated on 2nd of November 2011

  Welcome to Lexingtons

  Cattery from Sweden

 55 486 Visitors

  Welcome to Smeagols

  Cattery from Sweden


  Welcome to Cattery Murlik 

  Cattery from poland


  Welcome to busfröets cattery

  Cattery from Sweden

  Updated on 4 th of July 2011
  Welcome to Rastakeshi Cornish & Devon Rex
  Cattery from UK
  48 113 Visitors 
  Updated on 20th of May 2011
  Welcome to Rexheart's
  Cattery from Belgium
  45 507 Visitors
  Welcome to Les bouclés des Rivières
  Cattery from Canada
  Upadated on 20 th of March 2011
  Welcome to Czech Rex
  Cattery from Czech Republic
  42 780 Visitors
  Welcome to Bejliboom  Cattery from Czech Republic
  Updated on 8 th of March 2011   Welcome to Garret
  Cattery from Czech Republic
  42 234 Visitors  Welcome to Oricat  Cattery from Canada
  Updated on 13th of February 2011  Welcome to Saigon
  Cattery from France
  41 023 Visitors  
  Updated on 23 th of January 2011  Welcome to Shulali Cattery   Cattery from South Africa
  39 880 Visitors
  Welcome to My Little Cattery   Cattery from UK
   Welcome to Of The Giant Trees   Cattery from Netherlands
  Updated on 12 th of december 2010  Welcome to Derekaz
  Cattery from Finland
  Updated on 26 th of November 2010  Welcome to Waverlicious & Livinjoy  Cattery from UK
  36 991 Visitors
  Updated on 8th of November
  Welcome to Velvet Queen
  Cattery from Russia
  35 978 Visitors
  Welcome to La maison des Rex cornish
  Cattery from Canada
  Updated on 15th of September   Welcome to Mistbesque  Cattery From South Africa
  33 567 Visitors
  Welcome to Wintermoons
  Cattery from Sweden
  Updated on 21 thof july
  Wlecome to Dark Mystery's
  Cattery from Sweden
  30 896 Visitors
  Weclome to Funky Jam's
  Cattery from Finland
  Updated on 15 th July 2010
 Welcome to Triskell Cornish Rex Cattery
  Cattery from Canada
  30 586 Visitors
  Updated on 17 th  June2010 Welcome to Dinictis Rex Cattery   Cattery from Argentina
  28 383 Visitors
 Joliwave Cattery New website
  Cattery from France
  Updated on 9th June 2010  De Luxe Cattery New website
 Cattery from France
  Updated on 8th June 2010  Welcome to Ullmonstrets Cattery from Sweden
  28 988 Vistitors  
  Updated on 29th May 2010
 Welcome to Ilfirins
 Cattery from Sweden
  28 495 visitors
 welcome to Differents Cats
 Cattery from Spain
  Updated on 24 th May 2010
 Welcome to Boreas Nellis   Cattery from Czech Republic
  28 246 visistors
  Updated on 18 th May 2010
 Welcome to Santa Bedger  Cattery from Russia
  27 924 vistitors
  Updated on 13 th May 2010
 Network  "Cornish Corner"  is on line   Menu > Cornish Rex World
  Pawpeds CRX database link modified
  Menu > Cornish Rex World
  Pawpeds website link has been added
  Menu > Cornish Rex World
  Updated on 11 th May 2010 Welcome to Royal Fleece  Cattery from Latvia
  Visitors 27423  
  Updated on 7th May 2010
 Welcome to Edapusrex
  Cattery from Australia
  27 190 Visitors
 Welcome to Livinjoy
  Cattery from UK
  Updated on 12th April 2010
  Welcome to Owhl  Cattery from UK
 26 069 Visitors
  Upadted on 31 th March 2010
  Welcome to Made in Belgium

  Cattery from Belgium

  25 524 visitor
  Welcome to Chat d'or
  Cattery from France
  Updated on 29th March 2010
 All links verified on Canada page
  3 rectifications
  25 468 visitors
 All links verified on USA page
  5 rectifications
  Upadted on 28th March 2010
  Welcome to Kici Kici Miau   Cattery from Poland
  24 903 Visitors
  Welcome to RexCat
  Cattery from Canada
  Updated on 29th February 2010   All links verified on Rest of Europe A-Z 15 rectifications
   All links verified on Sweden N-Z page 2 rectifications
  Updated on 23 th February 2010  All links verified on Sweden A-M page
 5 rectifications
  Updated on 18 th February 2010
  All links verified on Finland Pages
 8 rectifcations
  23 529 visitors
  Welcome to Magic Sunrise Cattery from Latvia
  Updated on 14th February 2010
  Welcome to Nasza Hodowla Cattery from Poland
  23 287 visitors
  Updated on 11th February 2010   Welcome Mon Sasti
  Cattery from Poland
  23 134 Visitors
  Welcome Diamond
  Cattery from Canada
  Updated on 27th January 2010
  Welcome Af' Isafold
  Cattery from Island
  22 410 Visitors
  Updated on 12 th January 2010
  AngelWaves New link
  Cattery From USA
  21 755 Visitors  Coslinkar New link
  Cattery From Australia
   Shartae New link  Cattery From Australia
  Welcome MiniMiun Cattery From Finland
  Welcome Des Joyeux Lutins  Cattery From France
 Updated on 27 th December 2009
  Welcome to RexTeam   Cattery from Poland
 20 873 Visitors
  Welcome to Cat Amaran
  Cattery from France
   Welcome to Moonspell
  Cattery fron Russia
  Updated on 20th November 2009
 Wlecome to Gatil Beautiful Stranger
  Cattery from Brazil
  19 290 Visitors
  Updated on 11th November 2009 Welcome to RexCatter
  Cattery from USA (Alaska)
 18 895 Visitors
 Welcome to Happyness of Sunshine  Cattery from Belgium
  Welcome to Rextacular
  Cattery from UK
 Updated on 21th October 2009  Welcome to Magic Stars
  Cattery from Russia
  Welcome to Dollemina's
  Cattery from Sweden
  Welcome to Le chat Rex Cornish
  Cattery from Canada
  Updated on 12th October 2009
  Welcome to Sweet Rex
  Cattery from Russia
   Welcome to Iremel Star
  Cattery from Russia
   Welcome to Phoenix
  Cattery from Russia
 Updated on 11th october 2009
  Welcome to Satysfakcja   Cattery From Poland
 (17 771 Visitors)
  Welcome to CurlySun
  Cattery From Russia

  Welcome to Family Gem

  Cattery From Russia
 Updated on 6th October 2009
 Welcome to Gizmorex Cattery from Russia
 (17 572 Visitors)
 Welcome to Skarpsno Cattery from Norway
  Welcome to Soundsoul Cattery from Russia
 Updated on 28th September 2009
Welcome to Cozmecats
  Cattery from USA
 Updated on 21th September 2009
 Welcome to Spiricat
  Cattery from USA
  Welcome to Bpink
  Cattery from USA
  Welcome to Love Spell
  Cattery from Argentina
  Welcome to Kattmillas
  Cattery from Sweden
 Updated on 20th September 2009
  Welcome to Axiom's
  Cattery from Sweden
 Updated on 9th september 2009
 Welcome to Curly Line
  Cattery from Sweden
 Updated on 4th September 2009 Weclome to Kaylee  Cattery from USA
  Welcome to Star Loose  Cattery from Russia
 Updated on 2nd September 2009
 Welcome to Shaneequas Cattery from Sweden
 Updated on 30th August 2009
 Welcome to Cornish Rex In Israel
 Cattery from Israel
  Welcome to Scardinius
 Cattery from Poland
  Weclome to Godreigns Cattery from Sweden
  Welcome to Brave New Curl
 Cattery from Sweden
  Welcome to Authors
 Cattery from Sweden
  Welcome to Rextasy
 Cattery from Serbia
  Welcome to Gwendji Wonder Cattery from Kazakhstan
 Updated on 29th August 2009  Now we have our page on Facebook

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 Updated on 28th August 2009

  Cookie's story New website & address

 Cattery From Belgium
 Updated on 27th August 2009  Welcome to My Twigg's
 Cattery from Sweden
   Welcome to Fylgias Cattery from Sweden
   Welcome to Guaranas Cattery from Sweden
   Welcome to Angelfalls
 Cattery from Finland
   Welcome to Glamrex  Cattery from Hong Kong
   Welcome to Rex Box (ex YAS-53)
 Cattery from Japan
   Welcome to Morinoo
 Cattery from Japan
   Welcome to Hastue
 Cattery from Japan
   Welcome to Cornish Point  Cattery From Poland
   Welcome to Briar Mar
 Cattery from USA
   Welcome to Nataraja
 Cattery from USA
   Welcome to Obini Lo Bi Cattery from Argentina
 Updated on 18 August 2009  Welcome to Vippecat
 Cattery from Finland
 Updated on 04 August 2009 Welcome to De Luxe
 Cattery from France

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